“The Photographer Mom” The Perfect Mother’s Day!

• May 11th, 2015 •

This Mother’s Day was a different one for me.  Since I’ve been working more and have a regular schedule, my business has been growing little by little.  So, I thought it might be a fun idea to try to offer Mother’s Day sessions in the morning!  I had been thinking about doing something just for myself this Mother’s Day anyway, since it is supposed to be about us, right?  So, I pushed the guilt aside and made the decision to do it!  It worked out perfectly.  I had my morning doing one of the things that  I love and it was the most pleasant few sessions that I could have had!  The families were all happy and in great spirits.  The kids were fun and energetic, just how it should be.  I was refreshed to be doing my favorite part of my job on such a special day for the families, and I had a little break from my own kids.  The five of us met up when I was finished and had a very enjoyable time together for the rest of the day.  They were tired by the end of our long walk in the gardens, so they wouldn’t let my husband take our annual Mother’s Day photo together.  Maybe next year!

mothers day

My Mother’s Day festivities started with a few very special Mother’s Day activities with my kids on Friday.  My daughter had a Mother’s Day Poem reading at school along with a meaningful activity just for us.  My son had a Mother’s Day Tea right afterward at his school, and get this…it was actually just for the mothers!!  No kids until the end.  What a concept!  I was thinking we’d be having tea with the kiddos (which would have been special, too) but it was just for us moms!  We work so hard as mothers and it’s so great that others recognize it and put so much effort into making our day special.  His teachers did such an awesome job for us all!


As the moms and I were talking at the table, another mom said that she was going to be taking some time for herself, too, and asked if that was a horrible thing to do?  I spoke up right away and said, “of course it isn’t!  It’s our day and we should do what makes us happy!”  It’s my favorite day of the year, and this year it was over the top special.  Getting to do all of the things you love in one day and not feeling like it’s just another day, is the most refreshing feeling to me!

I’m finally starting to get over that Mom guilt thing we all have at some point and I”m taking care of myself, too.  We all deserve some time to ourselves, so next year, think about what YOU really want to do and incorporate it into your day!

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