“The Photographer Mom” My Little Fairy Girl

• September 15th, 2015 •

I took these photos of my daughter last year before the Fairy Fest at Gateway Garden Center to use as samples because I had never done anything like it before.  I really loved the results and thought they were something special.  It was such a fun day at the Garden Center spent with she and her friend as they dressed up and flitted around like fairies just having a ball!  I showed them to her and she liked them, but wasn’t as excited as I was.  I get pretty excited over photographs, more than most people I guess!!


I just love having these photographs of my daughter because they will represent a time in her life when she was young, free, and enjoyed being a little girl.  When she’s older, working, and with a family of her own,  I hope she looks back on these photos and sees something special in her.  I hope she sees how beautiful she is and how her wonderful personality shines through in them.    She’s quiet sometimes, and outgoing other times.  She keeps to herself, yet opens up sometimes when I least expect it.  She’s independent and loves nature and being outside in her bare feet.  She’s not afraid to get out and dip her feet in the stream, literally.  I hope that courage and spunk will continue as she grows into a young adult.  It’s not always “sunshine and fairy wings” but you really have to appreciate these moments while they are happening because they are sometimes few and far between.  These photos mean a lot to me, and I hope they will mean a lot to her when I hand them over to her when she’s all grown up.  Maybe someday she’ll show her little girl the photos and her little one will want to put on her wings and dress up, just like mommy did when she was a little girl.

fairy collage

For information about this years Fairy Fest on September 19th at Gateway Garden Center in Hockessin, head to the top of this page and click back over to my website, then click on specials!  Hope to help you make speical memories of your little girl!

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