“The Photographer Mom” Hockessin’s Littlest Helpers

• April 27th, 2015 •

This weekend I “hired” my kids to help out in decorating donation boxes that will be placed around Hockessin’s many store fronts in an effort to collect donations for the fabulous Hockessin 4th of July celebrations.  The Hockessin 4th of July festivities have been traditions started by my family just a few years ago, and ones that we’d love to see happen for many years to come.


My kiddos were thrilled to help out Saturday with the decorating!  One of our favorite holidays in this house is the 4th of July, and it always has been.  When we moved to Hockessin in 2013 one of the things I was most excited about were the 4th of July festivities.  I was overjoyed at the fact that we were moving to a small town that participated in a parade and fireworks, just like the town that I had grown up in and loved!  This is one thing that I had really been missing for years.  There’s really nothing like a town getting together on the 4th of July to celebrate and have fun.  I always felt such a sense of community, growing up, during our old hometown parade and  fireworks display.  I’ll always remember my dad waking us up every 4th of July to the VERY loud patriotic music blaring from downstairs.  We were so excited to get up and get ready for the parade.  And, after the parade and festivities, we’d have a picnic or BBQ at home or a friends house, and then head over to the park for the amazing fireworks display.  The fireworks were so exciting and the whole town would walk to and from the park, so the streets were packed with people, not cars.   The park was always packed, blanket to blanket, full of excited kids and families awaiting the fireworks display.

Now, I’m so excited to give my kids the same experience that I had growing up on the 4th of July.  We usually have a family BBQ in our backyard, and then head over to the parade in the early afternoon.  Then the evening comes and we head back downtown for fireworks and a late night pizza on the lawn of the ball field.  It’s a blast and I know my kids will have these memories forever, just like I have mine.


So, when you see these wonderful boxes all around Hockessin Businesses, please think about throwing in your spare change.  Every penny counts!  If you love the Hockessin 4th of July festivities and want to help out, now you know how!  You can also visit www.hockessin4thofjuly.org to donate.  We love our small town and we hope to have these fantastic and fun festivities for years to come!

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