“The Photographer Mom” Back to School!

• August 31st, 2015 •

This was me last year as the kids were off to school in the morning!  We had a bit of a rough summer last year.  Just the usual sibling rivalry stuff, and my youngest was in that stage where he didn’t want to nap, but still needed to.  So, that was fun!  This summer, though, things were a lot more figured out!  We had a great time with friends, mini vacations, beach time, and just hanging out.  It wasn’t perfect, and I was still pretty happy this morning!  Get up at 6:45?  Sure!  Make your lunches?  No problem!  I was in good spirits, and so was everyone else!  We were all very positive and happy to be back on a schedule!  I surprised myself that even though I was very happy, I was also feeling sentimental.  Maybe it was my daughter waving goodbye from the bus sitting next to a new friend, or maybe it was the thought of my youngest going off to Kindergarten on the bus next year, but I did have mixed feelings!


That being said, if you are a mom or dad who stays home with the kids all summer, you know there’s at least a little bit of you who wants to jump up and down in your yard as the kids get ready to head out the door!  Admit it!! I will miss the lazy mornings, and doing whatever we want all day long.  I will miss snuggling in the morning, and not worrying about getting out the door.  I will miss not having to wake my kids up and shoving them out to the bus stop.  I will miss the nights of no homework and sitting on the back deck as they play till the sun starts to set and the fire flies  come out!  I’ll miss the beach for sure, and going to all the beautiful parks and Gardens we’ve visited.  It’s been a lot of fun…

…but here’s a list of things I won’t miss:

“Mom, what are we going to do today?”

“Mom, can I have a snack?”

“Mom,  she’s touching me!”

“I want to sit in the way back this time!”

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

“He hugged me and I didn’t want a hug!”

“That’s my Barbie and now she’s wearing a Star Wars outfit!”

“He touched my arm!!!”

“Mom, I need a snack!”

“Now what are we going to do?” (after we have spent the whole day out doing amazingly fun things)

“I didn’t want spaghetti for dinner”

“I’m not going to eat that green thing!”

“I know we just had dinner, but I need a snack!”

“I’m not tired, and I don’t want to come inside for bed!”

I love my kids, obviously, and they are usually really well behaved, but it’s that sibling rivalry and being all together all day every day that can get to a parent!  It’s what everyone goes through, right?  Sometimes I just need a minute to myself.  I just need a minute to have one complete thought that isn’t interrupted by one of the above phrases.  Tell me that’s normal!   It’s like a big huge sigh of relief after a summer full of activities.  It’s that good feeling that you’ll soon be working regularly again (after the younger one goes off in a few weeks to Pre-K) because you love your job and eating alone in a quiet house is a thing of beauty.  It’s especially wonderful when you’re sending them off to an amazing school with great teachers and nice kids from your small town!  So, all in all we have had a very happy, busy, and fun summer, but it’s time to go back to school.  Time for a routine again, because before you know it, they’ll be running home from the bus stop, throwing their backpacks in the yard and celebrating the first day of summer again!

Our summer fun activities!



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