“Inspiration Is…my son”

• May 5th, 2016 •

So, my customers aren’t the only ones who inspire me in my life .  This weekend my son and I ran our first 5K race together and it was a morning I’ll always remember.  I know this was just a small 5K race, but to us, it was big.


My son is 10 and was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD recently.  We have always known that something was different, and the diagnosis gave us the reason why.  It enabled us to get him some amazing help in school, inspired us to change our diets, and change the way we approach behavioral issues.  It helped me become more aware of what he needs, and I learned a lot about these two challenges (as we call them).  One of the things he needs most is to feel confident about himself, and feel like he’s good at something.  He had never quite found that something, until now!

We had tried a lot of activities for him, soccer, karate, basketball, lego building camp, and nothing really stuck.  He needed an activity that he could do individually, but still with a team.  He needed to let his thoughts flow freely while he was enjoying an activity. Focus is one of his biggest challenges, so a more organized sport just wasn’t for him, but exercise was the key to helping focus.  My husband has always been a runner, so we thought that running might be what he needed.  We signed him up, and he loved it right away.  It got a little bit tough the last few weeks, and he didn’t think he could run the race.    We encouraged him to stick with this and see how amazing it would feel at the end of “Let Me Run” to finish a race.  We knew it would be the best thing for him.


My son is so many things, and ADHD and OCD are just a small part of what makes him, him.  He has a great sense of humor, and is caring, thoughtful, generous, smart, an avid reader, a kind brother, a fun grandson, a wonderful son, a great friend, a nephew, a talented runner, a teammate,  and he is my biggest inspiration.

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