Inspiration is…My friend

• June 7th, 2016 •

Inspiration is my friend, Mimi.  I have known her for three years now and she is a happy, positive, and very fun friend.  We have had such fun play dates, mom’s nights, beach days, not to mention that she’s been one of my biggest fans when it comes to my business!  She has been on a weight loss journey since we met at the library three years ago.  We were all sitting around with our kids at our feet talking “mommy talk” and she mentioned that she had gained weight with her daughter’s birth and was hoping to some day lose a significant amount.  She had already started and was a few pounds down!

Mimi before

She started working out and running as well, and found a lot of inspiration at the gym.   We were both new to running at the time.  I had never run before in my life, at least not for sport or exercise.   I couldn’t believe how hard it was.  I ran for one minute and thought I would pass out!  And now we have hopes to run a 5K together!

She also started to eat healthy and post her awesome meals on facebook. I was always so impressed with what she’d come up with for dinner!  She would update us all the time on her weight loss and we’d always be so proud of her accomplishments.

We had done a lot of portraits of her daughter and she always mentioned that she wanted to do family portraits, but only when she reached her goal!  So, a few weeks ago she was close, and booked a session!  Just a few days before our session I read a post that she had reached her goal of 80 lbs down!  I was so happy for her!  I think it is such an amazing accomplishment.   She has taught her daughter how to eat healthy and stay healthy, and that lesson is so strong and so important for children.  There are so many wonderful weight loss stories out there, but I’d never really witnessed someone accomplishing one like this!

I couldn’t wait to photograph she and her family because I knew I’d be inspired as we set out to have our session!  We had such a fun time, and she looks fabulous!  She’s always been such a happy person, and it really shows in her portraits!  Congratulations, and thanks for the inspiration, my friend!



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