“Inspiration Is…8 children and their mother!”

• April 27th, 2016 •

I photographed a family with 8 children last fall and I have to say that is was definitely one of the most inspiring sessions I’ve had!  I only have three kids myself, and I have had some tough photo sessions just with them, so the thought of photographing 8 siblings was honestly making me nervous!  But, as soon as they all pilled out of their large van with big smiles, friendly faces, and each one of them with a handshake and a “nice to meet you”, I was put at ease!  I knew this was going to be fun!

They are all home schooled by their amazing mother!  I met them at the location, and then again at their home for the ordering session, and I just couldn’t believe how quiet the house was when I walked in.  My house is never quiet!   I know how I get after a few hours at home with my three, and she’s home with her 8 all the time!  It truly was inspiring to see how she was so stress free and happy.  They also all played an instrument and I was able to photograph them with each of their instruments of choice, and got to hear each play a little bit, too.  Talk about a fun time!  Sometimes I forget that my job is a job!


Since photographing this family, I have also seen some of the older girls and their father singing in the choir at our church, and even at Christmas Eve mass.  Their voices were amazing.  Again, I was blown away by the talent coming from this family.  Whenever I feel overwhelmed with my three kids at home, I just think of this family and I say “if she can do it with 8, I’ll be OK today with my 3!”  I’m very lucky to meet these kind of people doing what I do.  Thanks again to this family for the inspiration!


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